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Patliputra Central School came into being on the 1st of January 1999. The School is run and managed under the banner of Dr. Y.K. Sundarshan Krishna Singh Educational Foundation Trust (Regd.) Sudarshan Vihar . Patna - 20 .Affiliated to C.B.S.E Delhi, Within a short period of time the popularity of the school has gone to the height from where it has been spreading its light of learning to all parts of Patna with its unique and distinguished characteristics. It is quite evident from the fact that this school is having students on its rolls from all corners of the state capital. The history of this institution began in a mild as is the case with almost all kinds of great institutions, national or international, It was started in a rented building with small momentum & soon it established it self as premier eductional institution to accomodate the growing number of the neighour hood, During the month of April, 2001, The School was shifted to its own building, at present has 46 spacious classrooms.

The School was shifted to its own splendid building a Krishna Vihar, Bear. This new building , at present , has 46 spcious classrooms, its has seprate Physics, chemistry, Mths S.St. and Biology labs, a very spacious Library , Computer lab equipped with latest computer technology. Conference room, Common room for girls, playground, Canteen facility, drinking water and other facilities are also adequately available.

Student of this school have been taking part in several extra-curricular activities and have been table to prove thieri worth and talent several times. They have secure stop positions by perfoming superbly indifferent fields and have won many awards, admiration and appereciation in a begitting manner. For instance the student of the School have won first prizes in several sports items and cultural activites organised by different organisations like Ambedkar Sports and Cultural Organisation, Rotary club, patna Doordarshan and E.T.V. Bihar etc. Two of our students recently participated in aQuiz Competion organised by the E.S.P.N Channel . A part from their shown their brilliance in the field of music. Fine arts, sports, and information technology and have made us states.

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"Oh ! in my solitary night and day I feel your presence in every way and miss you more day by day"

The fountainhead of inspiration for thousands of studenta Parivar members for her doting love, kindness and Genersosity.Her Life was a glorious Sagaof relentless effort for Championing the noble causes of education for the girls providing them conducive environment and academic training for complete growth of their personality along with intellectual upliftment.Undertaking a long educational odyssey, She finally left for the ultimate voyage on 27 Sept 1997. Remembering her, we can't help uttering. "Age Cannot wither her, Nor Custom steal her infinite Charm"

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In Honour of the great Soul "Shivaji Singh"

We Salute "Shivaji Singh", the Soul of the time his vision for the society is absolutely prime He born creative thought and will of implementation His able guidance will give right orientation Disease, Poverty & unemployment need to be elimination it's quite feasible by fixing time bound destination His active direction commands many rares Stocked safely in different layer Blending of science, music and socio-engineering Will produce the nation effective and charming We hounour Shivaji Singh for his sincerity Dedication for the nation and generosity He had left the darkness far behind yet, India has to search a man of his kind Progress and peace is the meaning of this man It's why, all the children are his fan.

We pledge devotion to the great soul of Universe "Shivaji Singh"