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The School has adequate facilities to inculcate quality education among the childen. Class-room-teaching is performed whit the help of teaching aids in most of the subjects like Physics, chemistry, Biology, History and other subjects. The School has almost all varieties of maps, globes, model, charts, instuments to bring about concemptual progress among students. The school has felt that the primary knowledge for L.K.G., U.K.G. and Std. I students should be provided in the foms of fun. Recently an AMUSEMENT CENTRE with all modern amenties and and devices has been established in the primary section at police Colony, which is of great help in making the process of gaining knowledge easier. A congerial and comfortable family environment is maintained in the pre-primary section. The School has left that the electricity supply has always been erratic, causing great hardship to the students specially during the summer season. The school had so far only one small generator which was insufficient to the need of the school. We have successfully tried to reduce the hardshop of the students by providiing a new generator set of 225kv capacity, which provides a great relief in the absence of electricity.